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LawStar - How It Works

There are 2 ways to make citations with LawStar - you can have LawStar make them for you (we call these 1 click citations), or you can make them by inserting the information yourself.

At LawStar, we believe time spent Bluebooking is wasted time, so we're on a mission to make as many citations as possible available in one click.


1 Click Citations

You can currently generate 1 click citations in 2 main ways: LawStar's Internet Automation tool and our Google Chrome Extension.


Internet Automation

This feature could not be simpler. Simply paste your URL into the text input, click "CITE", and LawStar will generate your citation for you.

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 12.38.49 PM     Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 12.39.07 PM

Try it out for yourself in LawStar.


Google Chrome Extension


1. You need to be using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on a computer (Safari and Firefox don't currently work).
2. Install the extension here.


Citations with the Chrome Extension

LawStar adds a button to many pages that will allow users to trigger a one-click citation from that page.

All you need to do is click the "Cite with LawStar" button and it will bring you to LawStar with the citation. After you've downloaded the extension, try it out for yourself here.

We support the following websites. If you want more added please let us know at

  • Westlaw cases and journal articles
  • LexisNexis cases and journal articles
  • JSTOR articles
  • HeinOnline articles
  • Law review websites that conform to certain rules.


Example 1 - LexisNexis automated journal citation





Example 2 - JSTOR automated citation


After you've downloaded the extension, try it out for yourself here.

Manual Inputs

Currently, LawStar allows you to manually input citation details for books, cases, internet sources, and periodicals. Simply fill in the details, and if you are missing inputs required to generate the citation, LawStar will tell you what's missing in the results section.

While it may take some time to input the citation details yourself, you'll be saving time and improving accuracy by:

  1. Avoiding looking up abbreviations for any word that might be abbreviated.
  2. No longer needing to switch between formats (e.g. small caps, italics) in your word processor
  3. Automatically abbreviating words that you didn't expect to abbreviate (e.g. dispute or fidelity)